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25 June 2017

Vehicle updates: WTS272T, WTS276T, HSR46X and WBW735X

Over the course of the past few days we've been making progress on quite a few fronts.

Volvo Ailsa WTS272T and Volvo Ailsa WTS276T were taken to Xplore Dundee in Dock Street for their pre-MOT checks. The open top Ailsa 300 will go for testing in a couple of weeks around the same time at the repaint of 276 gets underway.

Volvo Ailsa HSR46X has been receiving quite a bit of work in our storage area and was moved for the first time as she's prepared to go inside for the first time in five years.

Leyland National WBW735X is in the process of having the rear brake linings replaced after one of the shoes locked the nearside drum.



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