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27 March 2017

Vehicle updates: WTS272T, WTS276T, WBW735X and M953XES

We may have lost an hour with the clocks 'springing' forward but there's still plenty of work taking place on five vehicles at the moment.

Volvo Ailsa WTS272T - the paintwork is being spruced up by Brian Robertson in preparation for the start of the 2017 rally season. The oil sump is being changed and some outstanding interior work completed.

Volvo Ailsa WTS276T - restoration work continues with a view to the bus receiving a full repaint soon. We have also raided our two crates of Ailsa spares to help find some parts that are no longer available.

Leyland National WBW735X - with a number of mechanical issues tackled the interior got some attention with the seat frames and legs being painted and the floor prepared for a repaint as well. The front step is also part-way through being refurbished.

Leyland Olympian M953XES - now safely undercover and adopted by two of our members the interior of the bus was given a thorough clean and the destination display equipment tested. We'll either need to go on a long journey or reprogram it at some stage! Thanks as well to George for helping with some mechanical issues.

Oh and if you are counting we're not allowed to say what the fifth vehicle is at present...

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