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12 November 2016

TVVS: Getting ready for winter

With the return of Leyland Atlantean HRS270V - restored for winter storage it was once again time to get the garage tidied and the buses parked in such a way as to allow planned work to take place over the next few months.

This time Bristol VRT OSR204R was on the move giving us the opportunity to take some more recent photographs of it and the bus a chance to bask in some autumn sunshine.

Front nearside

Front offside

Rear of bus

Close up of the Gardner 6LXB engine

Repaired front dome of bus

We also had the opportunity to photograph the front nearside of Daimler Fleetline GSL908N which is alongside Daimler Fleetline PYJ461L on which restoration work has stopped following the sudden death of the main restoration team member Jim Elder  - see this post.

The centre door location on GSL908N had to be revealed to allow suitable parts to be sourced so it could be reinstated. The front of the top deck also had to be revealed on both GSL908N and OSR204R to allow accident damage to be removed and suitable replacements manufactured.


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