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22 August 2016

Event: 21 August 2016 - Tay Road Bridge 50th anniversary

The Tay Road Bridge, which links Dundee and Fife, was officially opened on 18 August 1966 marking the end of the Fifies (ferries) which operated across the River Tay.

To mark this event Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society was pleased to run two of our award-winning restored buses across the bridge a number of times and line them up at the Fife side of the bridge, a place where a number of buses from many Dundee operators have been photographed over the years.

Volvo Ailsa WTS272T - restored won the Roland Williams Best Bus trophy presented by the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum in 2013 with Leyland National WBW735X - restored winning the same award two years later.

Both buses travelling from Dundee to Fife with the iconic Law in the background.

Buses parked up in the bridgehead car park in Fife.

Making our way from Fife to Dundee with appropriate destination displays on both buses.

Coming after a successful weekend at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum we were delighted to be able to take make our contribution towards the celebrations that marked this significant anniversary.

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