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12 June 2016

Event: 12 June 2016 - Tayside Classic Motor Show at Errol Airfield

Today saw Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society back out on the road again and making its second visit to the Tayside Classic Motor Show at Errol Airfield was Leyland National WBW735X - restored.

Incidentally, by a remarkable coincidence, the Harry Lawson tanker next to us was painted by Brian Robertson who also brush painted the Leyland National and Volvo Ailsa WTS272T - restored!

2 June 2016

Event: 29 May 2016 - Bus Collection at Alford Open Day

Sunday once again saw Taybus out on the road for the 2016 rally season and this time our port of call was the excellent Bus Collection at Alford located next to the equally splendid Grampian Transport Museum.

Back on the road after lengthy repairs was Leyland National WBW735X - restored which quickly made friends with two other Leyland National buses - newly restored 1976 Leyland National KSO74P 74 Grampian and a restoration-in-waiting 1978 Leyland National SBK740S 40 First Provincial.



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